What we do

SEAMS (Solid Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions)

  • Seams is a sales company that wil l either help you find work or help you outsource and follow your work
  • We represent a team of established companies in many different industries, each hand selected for their capabilities.  Once you become a customer or supplier, you become part of the “Seams Team”. Once you become a member of the Seams Team, you will have access to a network of companies to help you.

What we can do for your company

  • If you find yourself having troubl e making a deadline, we have companies that can help
  • If you want to take on a project that might have certain aspects out of your area of expertise, or may be too large for your facility, we can team you up with the right companies to help you.

Our fees are simple

  • If we help you find work, our services are based on industry standard commission rates ranging from 5 to 10 percent of the purchase order amount depending on the volume of the work.
  • If we help you outsource and follow your work, our services are FREE. If you choose to have a full time Seams representative exclusively for your company, then the standard commission rates above will be applied.

Why should you try Seams?

  • Whether you let us help you source and your work for free, or allow us to help you find work, the question should not be “Why use Seams?” It should be:

If the outsource service is free, and the work procurement service is a known commission that can be added to your initial quote, then why NOT let Seams help your business?