: ( poor dat,” and “nobody wants you there anyhow, believe me

They weren’t cops, they were wearing police style pants with white shirts, tactical gear and weapons around their waists. They had some badges that I didn’t recognize. They had military style haircuts.. Last winter, the attorney general in Mississippi warned consumers there about overseas fraud from callers in India using local area codes in attempts to extort money from Americans. And a woman in Santa Fe told police she had been swindled out of nearly $100,000 she had wired to someone in exchange for collecting millions of dollars in prizes that never came. The caller had a New Mexico area code but the calls originated from Jamaica..

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Cheap Jerseys from china About 100 firefighters remained on the scene on Friday, putting out hot spots after containing the fire which started at a frozen custard stand in Seaside Park on Thursday and blazed out of control for hours, moving several blocks into neighbouring Seaside Heights.Christie said state agencies were ready to help residents rebuild again and praised local resilience after Sandy pummelled the New Jersey coast in October 2012.”We have endured and begun to come back from the devastation of Sandy. We will not let these fires destroy those efforts,” he told a news conference on Friday. Department of House and Urban Development, said spokesperson Stacy Barton.Fellow New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, a Democrat who represents a nearby district, supports the effort to use federal dollars to help the two towns, said spokesperson Ray Zaccaro.It could cost an estimated total of $1.4 million to rebuild destroyed sections of both boardwalks, said Seaside Park Mayor Robert Matthies.At least 30 businesses were damaged by the fire, Christie said, including such Jersey Shore favorites as Bubba’s Dog House, Kupper’s French Fries and Maruca’s Tomato Pies Cheap Jerseys from china.

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