Workman and Temple Family Homestead focuses on the history of

Children were dazzled by airplanes just as in later years children would be dazzled by 1950s automobiles and then 1970s X wing fighters and then 1980s computers. Businessmen were attracted to air travel primarily for its time saving benefits. Hollywood signalled America’s growing interest in air travel with the release of Flying Down to Rio (1933), the film featuring the first Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers pairing, released by RKO..

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Cheap Jerseys china One expects to find a place of such beauty and calm in the bustling City of Industry, said Alexandra Rasic, director of public programs. Are always amazed to discover that the historic houses are in their original locations. Workman and Temple Family Homestead focuses on the history of the Los Angeles region from 1830 to 1930 through two historic homes on the site, the Workman House and La Casa Nueva, as well as El Campo Santo, one of the region oldest private cemeteries.. Cheap Jerseys china

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