Reece said Naapsa members had a legitimate reason to feel

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cheap jerseys About 10 SA Police Service and metro police officers looked on.Naapsa chairperson Donne Reece said Eldorado Park was home to more than 100 000 people who faced circumstances similar to Stevenson They lived in back yard shacks and rented rooms; some were boarding, others had jobs and rented houses, while others were young adults who lived with their parents because they couldn find homes of their own.Information gathered in the 2011 census seems to back that up. According to data site Wazimap, of the 8 469 households in that particular ward, 23.2% lived in shacks one and a half times the national rate of 13.6%.Reece said Naapsa members had a legitimate reason to feel aggrieved. About 3km away was Lehae, a sprawling settlement with thousands of low cost houses the City of Johannesburg built for informal settlers and backroom dwellers in Soweto. cheap jerseys

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